Some pictures and movies developed by the Chicago Astroparticle group.



Here is a conceptual picture of high energy cosmic ray showers in the atmosphere.

It was made by Simon Swordy for the NASA "Beyond Einstein" strategic plan document (2007).

You can download a hi-definition copy of this picture here

Please cite Simon Swordy if you use this picture

Electrons in the Galaxy

The behavior of cosmic ray electrons in our Galaxy is very energy dependent because of radiative losses. Some movies made of the electron density in our Galaxy based on the Galprop simulation code have been made by Simon Swordy. Each of these starts with an empty Galaxy and runs for about 10 million years (although ~20 seconds in real time!) with standard SNR rate and distribution used in Galprop. One shows electrons at 1 GeV, where radiative losses are minimal, and the other with electrons at 100TeV, where radiative losses remove electrons very quickly. The end frames of each simulation are shown below, together with links to the Galactic electron density movies. The purpose of these is to show how measured electron fluxes are subject to the time and positional distribution of local SNR at high energies (>~1TeV) (Please cite Simon Swordy as author of these movies)

Electron Density in the Galaxy after 10 million years with 1GeV source, movie here



Electron Density in Galaxy after 10 million years with 100TeV source, movie here